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Thailand Immigration - can you get a work permit without a degree?

The official answer is no. But like a lot of rules in Japan, they sometimes bend. There are many people who do have a work permit without a degree in Thailand, so really it depends on with whom you deal with at immigration - luck in other words. Having the right contacts to help you in this regard too.

What documents should I bring with me to Thailand?

Bring your original degree certificate and the originals of any transcripts.

The majority of "teacher-travelers," in Thailand do not have a work visa. Apply for a tourist visa in your home country and these are usually valid for 60 days. These can be renewed within Thailand for a further month.

If you wish to stay in Thailand longer, established schools can put the paperwork in to sponsor you for a non-immigrant B visa or (work visa). With this visa you can apply for a teacher`s licence. The school should do this for you.

Be sure to look neat and clean-cut when dealing with any Thai officials. Your appearance can go a long way to smoothing out potential problems.

A Legal Teacher in Thailand:

"A legal teacher has a teacher’s license (from the Thai Ministry of Education), a work permit (from the Thai Labor Department) and a one-year visa (from the Thai Immigration Dept) The one year visa is issued on the strength of you having a work permit. If you don’t get the work permit, you don’t get the one year visa. They are inextricably linked." --Ajarn

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