Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Thanksgiving holiday or otherwise known as the harvest festival is one of the most popular holidays not only in the U.S and Canada but likewise in other countries. It is usually celebrated with the gathering of family members for a festive celebration.

With the Thanksgiving holiday comes a list of English vocabulary words that could enhance and widen your word knowledge. Not only are Thanksgiving vocabulary useful, they are likewise fun to learn. There are many ways of learning new words associated with the harvest celebration, for visual learners one of the best way is by using pictures, for auditory learners you can always use audio materials and for kinesthetic learners using word games prove to be a good way of easily incorporating new words with previously learned vocabularies.

Thanksgiving vocabulary words can be any word that is related to the harvest celebration. The words can range from foods to activities during the festival. In creating a list of Thanksgiving words,it is a must that the level of the student be taken into consideration.

Here is a comprehensive list of Thanksgiving vocabulary:

1. Bountiful – large in quantity, abundant, plentiful, ample2. Crop – A variety of agricultural plants grown in a season.3. Feast – A grand and elaborate meal in celebration of something important.4. Pie- A baked dish made of pastry dough, fruits, sweets and sometimes meat.5. Turkey- A large bird usually eaten during Thanksgiving holidays.6. Gratitude – Thankfulness, a state of being grateful.7. Holiday – A celebration of an important event that has happened in the past.8. Harvest – The act of gathering a crop. The crop that ripens and is gathered in a certain season.9. Tradition – A set of beliefs or customs passed from one generation to another.10. Celebrate – To honor, observe or commemorate a day or event with respect.