The Blacklist of English Teachers

God forbid you ever end up on the blacklist of English teachers, if you teach English in Japan.

A Warning about a Bad Teacher

Recently I was warned by a former teacher of ours about another teacher. Unfortunately I cannot publicize his/her name. It is a shame really as whichever institution hires him/her will have a very difficult time. He/She caused many problems for her/his former employers, friends, relatives, and even her/his embassy.

There is a blacklist of English teachers in Japan but it is an informal one. People don`t want to be sued. Employers contact each other and warn each other about people to avoid. Former teachers and friends do the same. It is all done surreptitiously; but it is done.

Companies, institutions, schools and universities keep their own list of people they want to employ, have a possibility of employing and one for people they should never employ. It seems that until someone has a medical record of some kind, you cannot do much about them. Once it is on the record though, it seems okay to pass on this information, or fire them if necessary as there is now documented proof by a medical professional that a certain teacher is unstable.

Or course schools can always fire someone for poor performance or if there are complaints. Some of these may be manufactured if a bad apple is hurting the staff environment.

The Blacklist of English Teachers is alive and well. I don`t know of any actual physical list that is global or even national. I doubt one exists. But there is a list sent by Email of specific names as they arise. Employers help each other out. Teachers are a great source, warning their bosses of bad apples. No one wants to work with some of these people.

Word gets around. It may take time, but eventually these teachers find that opportunities have mysteriously dried up. If you sexually harrass students or teachers, word gets around. If you are volatile or abusive, people will find out.

Some employers trace those who post negative things at the forums. It is pretty easy to trace people. People often use the same pseudonym at many places. You put two and two together and you can eventually find them. Plus a trail is left. You can also trace anonymous posters using software for this purpose or you can simply trace them by ISP address.

The Blacklist of Students

There is even a blacklist of students but that is more localized and it too is informal. Teachers warn school owners about troublesome students. Owners warn other owners about the same. There are some strange "cookies," out there! They tend to go from school to school, after politely being told they are no longer welcome.

God forbid they show up in your lobby, or in my case at my door. (My school is in my home.) --This is one of the drawbacks!


Sadly some of these teachers that are troublesome either at the forums or in person need counseling. Some of them end up dead after committing slow suicide through alcohol, drug abuse or cigarettes. Others take the more direct route of killing themselves after getting into a bad situation, or falling into a depression after employment opportunities have dried up and they face being homeless in Japan.

It is sad how many end up dead well before their time.

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