The First Time I Ever Taught

by Robert
(Nagoya, Aichi)

It was for the Cultural Homestay Institute and they brought students over from Japan to do two week and one month homestays at that time.

I had to find host families, arrange trips and teach the classes. I was 24 and I had never taught in my life.

Training consisted of watching a one hour video of teaching a class and reading their manual.

I found out that not only would the students be coming but two Japanese teachers as well. So I would be teaching my first class ever in front of two veteran teachers! I was terrified!

A friend of mine said, "Don`t worry, always remember the students are more scared than you."

I still use this thought today.

That first lesson I tried to write as little on the board as possible for fear my hands would shake. I tried to forget that two teachers were in the room watching me and I was really well prepared.

Actually the lesson went fine. It was the lead up to the lesson that was one of my worst experiences.

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