The Tip: Adang, Rawi and Yala Province

by Wayne Burns
(Bangkok, Thailand)

The Tip: Adang, Rawi and Yala Province

Adang and Rawi beautiful island paradises in the south of Thailand, have camping facilities with streams running all year round, providing fresh water. For snorkelers and scuba divers, Rawi is renowned for its long white sand beach and extensive coral reefs with an enourmous variety of marine life.
Situated 16 km west of Tarutao, some islands, particularly Ko Lee Peh, are home to a community of see gypsies.

On the east coast, and 105 km from Hat Yai via Route 42, is Pattani, with Thailand`s largest mosque, a symbol for all Thai
Muslims. On the way south to Narathiwat, Patatimaw Beach has a long stretch of sand near the village of Pase Yawyaw, famous as a center for wooden boat building. The boats, called kohlae, are frequently painted in bright colors and can be seen all along the beaches, especially in Bang Nara fishing village north of town. Narathiwat also has some of the most beautiful beaches on the gulf coast.

Phra Buddha Taksin Ming Mongkol is a hugebronze Buddha, sitting at the top of Khao Kong hill, about 6 km south of town. The statue is 25m high and the largest in Thailand. Further south along Route 4056 is Sungai Kolok, where the road and railway cross the border into Malaysia. A very lively cross-border trade takes place here, with many Malaysians crossing the frontier to sample the seafood in Thailand, which happens to be more reasonably priced than in Malaysia.

Yala province, with its Betong District, runs further south than any other part of Thailand. The provincial capital is a spacious, well-planned town of wide streets, reflecting the prosperity of the area with its large rubber plantations.

About 8 km north of town is Wat Khuha Phimuk (also known as Wat Na Tham, the cave-front temple). This temple has a huge cave with a large reclining Buddha statue. Believed to date from the eighth centruy, it is Srivijaya in style, and is regarded as one of the major monuments of southern Thailand.

South of town, towards Betong and the Malaysian border, is the Than To waterfall park. The falls come down seven spectacular levels, running through a park-like area which is very popular as a picnic ground.

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