Things to do in Japan

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Things to do in Japan, what should you do while in Japan?

Temples & Shrines

Japan is full of them! Be sure to see some of them while here.They range from interesting to beautiful and they are a welcome break from the bustle of the cities.

Ponder the meaning of life.....

Japanese Onsen -- hotsprings

You must go to an onsen while here. They are really relaxing and a unique Japanese experience. They are often located in beautiful mountainous areas so go for a weekend and get away from it all.

Things to do in Japan -- Watch a Sumo tournament

Sumo is one of the traditional sports of Japan and you must see the big men fall, as there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. Plus you may be surprised at many aspects of this sport that is much more than a sport.

Sing at a Karaoke Bar or Box

Many of them have hundreds of English songs, and you can sing a long as if you were in a band.

See the Tokyo nightview from Mount Takao

The view is supposed to be spectacular.

Things to do in Japan -- Climb Mount Fuji

See the sunrise from Mount Fuji, beautiful. Or even better in my opinion, go to Shizuoka prefecture and stare at the majesty of Fuji. Up close (while climbing) Fuji is not beautiful, yet the view at sunrise is reportedly fantastic.

Shiatsu Massage

Get a traditional Japanese shiatsu massage. You will feel rejuvenated.

Martial Arts in Japan

Japan is famous for her martial arts, and the great teachers who teach it. Take a martial arts class while here. There is a variety of martial arts to choose from. My wife is a blackbelt in shorenji kempo, and I am very polite to her!

"Yes darling, it is all my fault....yes anything you say dear..."

Watch a Pro Baseball Game

Japan is the two time World Baseball Classic champion and plays an interesting kind of ball often called, "small ball," baseball. Even watching the crowd is interesting.

Enjoy a Tea Ceremony in a Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are lovely and the tea ceremony is relaxing and interesting by itself.


Experience the nightlife in one of the big cities of Japan. It can range from great food, great music to dancing, karaoke, or verge towards the sexy side.

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Go to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and eat sushi. The sushi comes to you on a conveyor belt and you select which ones you want. A fun Japanese experience that even the kids will enjoy.

The Shinkansen -- Bullet Train

Be sure to travel at least once on Japan`s high tech bullet train. It is amazing and very safe!

If You are into Electronic Goods

Go to Akihabara and check out all the latest electronic goods. See the center of Japanese Otaku (Geekdom) and what they are into (including the French maid cafes).

Go to Harajuku, Tokyo on a Sunday

See the costumes the young women wear, and listen to the live music performed in the park and on the street. There are often some interesting flea markets and good shopping in Tokyo`s most European looking part of the city.

Go to Nara

Quieter than her more famous cousin, Nara may appeal more to Westerners for her quiet beauty of temples and statues. Plus you can even feed very friendly deer on the way to the temple.

Go to Kyoto

See the old area of Kyoto, stay in a Ryokan (a traditional Japanese Inn), and see the temples including Kiyomizudera, and Kinkakuji.

Things to do in Japan -- Visit Kisoji

Visit Tsumago and Magome in Japan`s Kisoji district. Evenin Kyoto you will see Kentucky Fried Chicken and the goldenarches. Not so in the Kiso Region. They have banned allmodern chains like that in an attempt to preserve traditionalJapan. See the old houses, and see how people really lived200 and more years ago. Walk an old samurai rode and experience the zenlike quiet of this valley in Nagano.

Visit Hiroshima and See the Peace Museum

Hiroshima is an interesting city and the countryside is beautiful too. Don`t miss the Peach Museum which shows the full effects of an atomic bombing.

Go to Tokyo Disney Resort and Spend the Night

It is not so far from Narita Airport and despite the name it is actually in Chiba Prefecture, roughly north of Tokyo. Tokyo Disney Resort features many fantastic Disney hotels and TWO amusement parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. They are both worth going to. The kids will absolutely love this and even old kids like me enjoy it.

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