Thousands of Japanese have Committed Suicide since 1998

by Kevin R Burns
( (Kanagawa,Japan))

Thousands of Japanese have Committed Suicide since 1998

Thousands of Japanese have committed suicide since 1998.

Over 420,000 Japanese have taken their own lives since 1998. The number topped 30,000/year for the 14th straight year. It is one of the highest rates in the OECD.

My theory about why is: People are expected to do so many things - the society has so many obligations; ie) from requirements to attend and help with funerals (of people you didn`t even know), to other duties and obligations.

People work extraordinarily long and hard hours and have little time off. Even if they have holiday time they do not take it for fear of ruffling feathers. It is a tough life for many Japanese. Plus the expectation to keep your feelings inside, and soldier on. Lack of good counseling and a culture that frowns on getting any outside help =(it`s shameful.) Many do not know their neighbours well. Some people decide that taking their life is easier.

It`s too bad. I hope the government and other agencies do something about providing adequate counseling and popularizing the idea that people don`t have to go it alone. As usual lip service is paid to the problem, but not much of substance is actually done. --Same old story.

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