Tokyo Fashion

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Tokyo fashion, a cosplay girl, is one example of Tokyo fashion but of course not the only example. There are many different styles in Tokyo, some of which will be familiar, and others of which that may be totally alien to you.

Where can you buy clothes for a reasonable price in Japan? This is a challenge if you don`t know where to look.

When we go back to Canada we complain to astonished Canadians that Canada is a very expensive country. They look at us incredulously, disbelieving, knowing that we just came from Japan.

However many things including fashion, need not be expensive if you buy on sale, know where to shop, and wait for the right time to buy.

Often the problem in Japan is simply finding clothes or shoes that will fit you. Japanese tend to be smaller than caucasians. Here is a shoe store that stocks big sized shoes in Tokyo.

The Harajuku area, of Tokyo is the place to buy vintage clothes at a reasonable price, plus if you go on a Sunday, you can see some unique Japan street fashion worn by the young people along the bi-ways and next to Yoyogi Park.

Mode Off

Is a used clothing shop that has many branches throughout Japan. You can buy all kinds of clothes and they even sellused watches and jewellery.

They have locations from Odawara to Kichijoji. Open from 11AM -9PM. Mode Off offers Tokyo Fashion on the cheap!

Cheap clothes and shoes can be found on the Ameyoko shopping streets of Ueno Station in Tokyo. Plus they are fun streets to peruse with a lively atmosphere, that smacks of the rest of Asia, more than modern Tokyo.

Two other stores to look for in Tokyo and throughout Japan are Rolly and Shimamura. Both sell good quality clothes for under1,000 yen!

I think expats in Japan, and even Japanese themselves like to talk about how expensive things are. It is kind of a game. I think things were expensive during the bubble economy years, but that was 20 years ago.

Sales occur with the seasonal changes like elsewhere in the world, and there are other occasions for sales. One of them is the winning of the Japan baseball series. The sponsor of the team holds a sale at their department store--if the team happens to be owned by them.

As well you can be happy with your fashion purchases by following the advice we have for men and women on our Japan clothing page.

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