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There are many different kinds of hotels in Japan. Probably more than you will find in your home country. Each hotel serves a different purpose. If you know what you are looking for, and what various hotels specialize in, you will enjoy your stay more.

(Pictured above: Iya on Shikoku by Devanshe Chauhan)

Some of the best places to stay and the best value for money are offered by Airbnb. Our very own Kevin`s Guest House is located between the Izu Penninsula and Tokyo and Yokohama. It is near Odawara, and beautiful Hakone in Minamiashigarashi.

Stay in a Canadian, Victorian home shipped from Cloverdale,BC, Canada and built in Minamiashigarashi. Even the lights and bathroom fixtures are from Canada.

Stay in a Canadian home in Japan

Want to stay near Hakone and Mount Fuji and not Pay a Lot?

Near Hakone and Hot Springs

Minamiashigara shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Located near the Kari River across from a supermarket with access to nearby Iiwahara Station (Daiyuzan Line). There is a restaurant next door and a Sri Lankan restaurant and Japanese restaurants n...

Japan probably has the widest range of hotels on the planet. So to explain the difference between a Minshuku, a business hotel, a love hotel and a Ryokan, check out our hotels page. Travel in Japan: hotels

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Population: 15 million

Tokyo Is one of the largest cities on the planet. It vibrates with energy and vitality. One`s pulse quickens with the pace and noise of this gargantuan city. It isn`t a place to relax in. It is a shoppers paradise, a place to party or savor the food of any country of the world.

Travel in Japan would not be complete without a trip to beautiful Nikko and Kegon Falls.

The falls are where many have reputedly seen ghosts. I have heard many stories

about Nikko Another part of the Kanto plain where Tokyo is situated is the prefecture of Kanagawa. Kawasaki, Sagamihara, Atsugi, Fujisawa, and Yokohama are all in Kanagawa Prefecture.


Is a beautiful spot surrounded by mountains and having an extinct volcano for a lake. Volcanic activity is in evidence at many places in the area as are fantasic views of Mount Fuji and the surrounding mountains. Well worth a visit to get a more natural perspective on Japan. more about Odawara, the site of Haruki Murakami`s novel.

Hakone and southwest Kanagawa is beautiful.

Beautiful Gem, Izu

In southern Kanagawa lies Odawara at the foot of the picturesque Izu Penninsula. Izu is a hidden jewel of Japan. It has picturesque coasts of crashing waves, white sand beaches, mountains, history and famous scuba diving.

Learn more about Odawara, the site of Haruki Murakami`s novel.

Mount Fuji: Japan`s Sacred Peak

Not far from Tokyo sits Mount Fuji, which lies near the Odawara area. If you want to climb her, you will need to go to Gotemba in Shizuoka Prefecture.

To a Guide of Mount Fuji


Was once Japan`s capitol. It is now a quieter historic city in Eastern Kanagawa, along the Shonan Coast. Kamakura boasts many interesting temples, good hiking and a nice beach and town.

Kamakura is a great place to spend a day or a weekend. There are many examples of Japanese culture in Kamakura and Kyoto.

When I go home to Canada people often ask me about interesting facts about Japan and the culture of Japan.

Travel in Japan: Kyoto

Is one of Japan`s must see cities! It is the most historical of Japan`s cities and for many years her capitol. Kyoto was spared the bombing that most Japanese cities experienced, so many of her historical buildings were saved.

Visit Japan Guide for more information about visiting Kyoto

You may want to know what is going on in Kyoto now. For that I recommend the Kyoto Guide.

Find out what`s happening in Kyoto now.


Devanshe Chauhan visits Shikoku and falls in Love

Pages from my Diary: Shikoku Love at First Sight

A Few Days in Nagasaki

by Richard Schwartz

On the first day, I took the bullet train from Tokyo to Hakata, the southern-most city on the supertrain line. From there a regular express train took me the rest of the way to

Nagasaki, near the bottom of the rorschach-shaped island of Kyushu. Total time: eight hours to go 1000 kilometres.


The Best of Sapporo Japan

Provides relevant, useful information about the best things to see and do in Sapporo city for tourists and residents. This will also include information that only locals may know, things to avoid, and the secret hidden gems the city has to offer, or to coin the phrase "off the beaten track" Learn about the best Sapporo has to offer.

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One of the great things of living and travelling Japan is the opportunity to travel Asia. The rest of Asia is very cheap if you are paid your salary in yen!

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