Unique English School Opens in Minokamo, Gunma

by Nathan Raymond
(Minokamo, Gunma Prefecture)

Unique English School Opens in Minokamo, Gunma

Nathan Raymond writes:

Hello, I an English conversation school teacher, and I just opened my school in a co working space. My program is designed to promote language learning through entrepreneurial pursuits based on an individuals motivation.

My school will devote our time to recruiting tourists to come to our town and learning English through hospitality. Those who visit us in Japan will be endowed with training to help cooperate with Japanese people and allow people to visit their countries, for the purpose of recruiting more people to our local Japanese town.

We will also be sure to include the local NPO, government and universities, along with local business for an internship program. We can help create opportunities through social innovation and I seek support local to Minokamo, Gifu. MY NY hometown can be united for a local connection and I can help tap the US-Japan pipeline.

First Name: Nathan
E-Mail Address: natesama1980@gmail.com

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