Valentine`s Day

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Tell your students about Valentine`s Day in Canada and the USA.

Valentine`s Day

- A chance for Canadians to tell someone they love them in romantic way.

Men and women give each other gifts on Valentine`s Day. There is no White Day in Canada.

What do they do?

-many people send letters, cards and gifts
-sometimes they send them to their boyfriend or girlfriend
-sometimes they send them to people they want to be romantic with
-cards are often pink or red with hearts, red roses or teddy bears on them
-take the person they love out for a nice romantic dinner or make them dinner.

Gift Giving:

-flowers ie) red roses
-teddy bears

Not a Public Holiday

History of Valentine`s Day?

-fertility festival in Europe before Christian times.
-People thought birds chose their boyfriends/girlfriends for them
In 1380 Chaucer wrote a poem for King Richard II and Anne of Bohemia – this may be first time romantic love and St. Valentine`s Day was connected.

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