Very helpful site! Returning to Japan..

by Jake
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

A bit about me: I have degrees in International Studies and Japanese Studies. I've also lived in Japan and studied at a small university in Tochigi. I'm very outgoing, positive, loyal, and loved everything about Japan. I've recently been seriously considering going back to Japan and teaching English. You have made it pretty clear you would recommend smaller locations to teach rather than the big 4.

What then would you recommend my next step be?

Honestly if I found a job in Kyoto or Tokyo at a smaller school that pays relatively the same amount, has similar benefits as the big 4, and didn't REQUIRE me to live in a particular apartment, I wouldn't hesitate to make the move.

I truly appreciate the site and the information you provided. I too had been a bit discouraged about some of the things I was reading online about teaching over there, and you provided a breath of fresh air and reassurance. If you have any recommendations or contacts looking for a teacher I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thank you very much :)

-Jake Whitaker-

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Sep 10, 2015
asdio NEW
by: asdkelrley

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Jun 16, 2015
Munawar NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jul 23, 2011
Your Next Step?
by: Kevin R. Burns

These questions are always tough to answer, though I always appreciate the questions and the kind words, keep them both coming!

Would should your next step be?

Read as much as you can from our website here
especially this page:

I would save your money and come. I think once you are here you will be able to get a feel for which schools suit you and which don`t.

Sounds like you want flexibility with your apartment choice. So you may want to come and check out apartments etc. that are near to the prospective school you hope to teach for.

Schools need teachers as many have been scared off by the recent earthquakes and tsunami disaster up north in Tohoku.

Read all you can about living and working here even though you have done before. Things do change and you may have forgotten some things or not known about others.

I would come with money is my gut advice for you.

Hope this helps!

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