Vocabulary Cartoons

Vocabulary Cartoons – Cool Way of Making Language Lessons less Intimidating

by Sandra Johnson

What are the advantages of using cartoons in your teaching process? Well, experienced teachers will confirm that using a bit of humor always goes a long way in keeping the class interested. When you are teaching something as theoretical as the difference between a transitive verb and an adverb, making smart use of humor can make a huge difference to the enthusiasm of the students. This is where cartoons prove to be useful.

Understanding the Issue

For starters, vocabulary cartoons help you tackle the problem of excess seriousness towards the topic under consideration. At the end of the day, a person who understands which word to choose without really knowing grammar principles can still survive and prosper in this world.

Knowledge of grammar and other aspects may be essential for a person who wishes to become an expert, however.

However, an average individual who wants working knowledge of the language may not find expertise as an essential requirement.

Poking fun at this point and making use of the fascination that people have for unnecessary and irrelevant details can help send your message across very effectively. People want to have funand cartoons can help with that, and you can teach themvocabulary in the process.

It will help you form an instant bond with your students because you will come across as a person who is not bothered about what the student thinks about the course as long as he or she makes an effort.

Providing Visual Aid

Secondly, vocab-cartoons help you teach by not just using words but the visual aids as well.

When the lesson that you are trying to teach is taught with the help of visual or even animated images, the impact of the lesson will be completely different.

For starters, these students will not be focusing on merely theoretical explanations. Rather, vocab-cartoons can make use of specific practical instances that help you get the message across.

A funny joke involving the improper use of a transitive verb and adverb can help the students understand the difference between the two.

Finding Cartoons

Thirdly, vocab-cartoons are easily available on the internet. You just have to choose the right search engine and the right key words to find the cartoons you want.

From popular cartoons that make use of such jokes to those related specifically to vocab-cartoons - you can make use of a large number of options available online.

What is more, the fantastic benefits of these cartoons are available at zero cost. This is because most vocabulary cartoons are available for free and can be distributed without any restrictions whatsoever. However, it is better to check in advance before proceeding to avoid legal complications.

Vocabulary cartoons are useful in not just teaching kids but also helping elders understand common language mistakes. More often than not, we let mistakes creep into our language once we are out of college.

We lack concern for the purity of our speech. Using cartoons can send the message across that the people right in front of you often make fundamental mistakes. What is more, you can avoid giving the impression that you are insulting anyone in the class by using the targets in the cartoon.

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