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A rich vocabulary is essential to fully learn and use a certain language, however each language has its own intricacies. In learning the English language it is necessary that you start by enhancing your vocabulary. The more English words you know, the easier it is for you to express yourself. A larger vocabulary helps you to use the language and completely understand what you hear or read.

Internet Vocabulary

Internet Vocabulary - Which words do your students need to know?

When teaching English in Japan, many of your adult students will be involved in some kind of business and much of that will be internet related, especially if they are dealing with foreigncustomers, or suppliers. So they will need to know the internet "lingo. Help your students to learn more internet vocabulary.

Science Vocabulary

(Pictured: The huge forest near Daiyuzan Temple by Kevan Hudson)

Science Vocabulary, help your English students in Japan to learn more about science, and learn new scientific words as well. Whether you teach English in Japan or teach science elsewhere, the resources and advice on this page should help you!

I have taught some company classes and we have discussed scientific topics, and I sometimes get a pharmacist or a doctor as a student. I once worked with a doctor in Nagoya and helped him with a talk he was to give on a medical procedure involving the eye. How to teach science vocabulary in Japan? More on How to increase your Scientific Vocabulary

by Aarti Thomas

Various strategies that help students quickly connect to new words are used to increase science vocabulary. Using rote memorization and recall of vocabulary provides only short term gains in improving scientific vocabulary. A multi-dimensional approach is a better approach, using the help of hands-on and minds-on experiences.

Chemistry Vocabulary

Here is a list of the important chemistry vocabulary, you should teach your ESL students.

Absolute zero: This is the lowest possible temperature; the temperature is below the actual zero. See the list of chemistry vocabulary you should teach your students.

Geography Vocabulary, what to teach your students?

Here is some important vocabulary related to geography that you should teach your EFL/ESL students.

Physics Vocabulary Students Should Know

“Vocabulary” is always referred to an assortment or a list of words or phrases of a language. It may be specified by making a list of words or phrases for a particular subject, field or any area of interest. Some of the examples can be a list of words used in a particular subject like: Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics.

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