The Vocabulary Notebook

Vocabulary Notebook, the best resources for teaching English in Japan.

  • How do you teach English in Japan?
  • What are the first steps you should take?
  • YOUR Stories Your best, worst, strangest and funniest teaching experiences!
  • How much are the salaries in Japan?
  • Oikawa san of Keio, keeps us mindful of some important aspects of teaching
  • (Pictured the Abashiri Jail Bathhouse by Ian Griffin)

  • Professor John F. Fanselow of Columbia University Teachers College, observes that what you think is happening in the classroom may not be what is happening at all

  • Romantic Fuji Views near Hot Spring 2nd Floor

    Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
    My place is good for couples and solo adventurers. Near one of the best hot springs in the area. Near one of the most beautiful temples in an old growth forest. Convenient for day trips to Gotem...

    Here are some sites that contain vocabulary of weather for beginner students:

  • Jobs in Japan for Americans, the unique American situation
  • How do you learn Japanese for free or cheaply?
  • Conrad Matsumoto enlightens us with his "almost no prep activities"
  • How do you teach young children?
  • Chris Weber gives us his hard won advice on teaching English to Japanese
  • David Martin of EFL Press talks about how to be an Effective EFL teacher
  • Should you teach on the JET Program?
  • How do you teach English online?
  • Devanshe Chauhan explains classroom management for newbies
  • What are the Japanese people like?
  • What should I know about working visas?
  • What are the big schools like?
  • Thomas Anderson weighs in on how he teaches university students
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