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Vocabulary Quizzes, some websites where you can get some good quizzes for yourself of your students.

English Vocabulary Test

A good vocabulary test is one of the best ways to measure your knowledge of the English language. Several quizzes and exams are designed to help you gauge the depth of your word knowledge. Let me mention some examples of some good vocabulary tests and where you can find them.

Assessing Vocabulary - If you assess the vocabulary of your students, you can get a fair idea about the areas on which you need to work in order to improve their performance.

Vocabulary is a crucial part of teaching a language especially if it is the second or foreign language of students. In such a scenario, you have to adopt certain methods with the help of which you can make sure your students are comfortable with the language and can think up words easily to express themselves.

On Testing Vocabulary - English Vocabulary Test Reviews: some good tests for your students.

A list of good vocabulary tests for English learners:

Expert Rating is one of many. Passing the Expert rating's English vocabulary test is a way of getting a highly recognized certification.

Their English vocabulary test includes homophones, commonly confused words, antonyms, synonyms, definitions and inferred meaning. The test is composed of 40 multiple choice questions which has between 2 and 8 options, 1 or more of it may be correct. This is a timed test of 40 minutes.

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