Walking Tour Bangkok

by Wayne Burns
(Vancouver, Canada)

Walking Tour Bangkok - a great area for a nice walk in downtown Bangkok is the collection of streets and lanes (sois) running around Wat Saket or the Golden Mount, for many decades and until the building boom started, the highest point in the city. First scale the stairs to the top of the Golden Mount for a view of the city`s rooftops, especially interesting at dawn or sunset. Then plunge into the streets with their many shops around Wat Rachanada on Mahachai Road. There are numerous little stores selling rattan ware and intricate wooden decorative pieces. A walk down Bamrung Muang Road brings one past the Giant Swing, a reminder of the ceremonies of earlier times, when young men risked life and limb swinging at dizzying heights. This area is rich in temples and just past the corner of Ti Thong Road, is the Kanit House Restaurant, which serves excellent pizzas, French cuisine, desserts and coffees.

While the old houses of Bangkok and some of the walks around old neighborhoods give a glimpse of life of yesteryear, there is no better way to experience today`s bustle of the common folk than to visit one of Bangkok`s many markets.

The largest of them all is the Weekend Market at Chatuchak Park in thee north of Bangkok. Crowded and hot, the weekend market has something for everybody and tourists can expect to find any kind of souvenir, antique or handicraft. Clothing stalls are numerous, selling anything from traditional Thai items to factory rejects and second-hand shirts, imported from abroad in bulk, and reconditioned. Food stalls offer a prodigious array of dishes. Much of the area is given to plant, animal, bird and live fish vendors.

Across from the Weekend Market is Atok Market which runs the length of the street and specializes in potted plants, gardening supplies, and giant ceramic terracotta pots. It is open all week long and has some good open air eating places.

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