Want to teach English in Pattaya?

by Kevin Burns
(Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa)

Want to teach English in Pattaya?

This wild and fun city of what looks to be about a million people is pronounced "`Patia," by the locals. Not Pattaya, as foreigners say it.

Years ago now, my brother Wayne Burns wrote for the Bangkok Post newspaper, and wrote part of a Nelles guide to Thailand. He taught at one of the top universities in the country and had lived in the country for many years. At that time, he advised me to avoid Pattaya, as many tourists were getting murdered then.

It was thought to be that the bar girls and the police were in on robbing some of the men who frequented the bars. Drinks were spiked and a seemingly inebriated foreign man was helped to his hotel room. Where his camera and money was taken. Unfortunately, drugging someone is an imprecise science. Many of these men never woke up. The crimes interestingly, were often never solved.

So I avoided Pattaya and thought for many years it was a seedy, dangerous place. Now however, it seems practically family friendly. Even "Walking Street," seems like a fun place. It doesn`t seems so seedy to me at least. Families walk the street, as do many groups of tourists. People are smiling and having fun, and there seem to be just as many foreign women walking the street as foreign men. Sure there are Go Go bars. But there are also world class restaurants, things for the kids, and legitimate massage salons. Also some great bands play music along Walking Street and many people stop to listen or go into these clubs to dance.

We ate dinner at a great French restaurant along the street. The owner even came out to talk with us, and encouraged us to come in and dine.

I found myself saying to my other brother, that I could live in this city. I could`t say that about Trat, nor Chanthraburi, and probably not about Bangkok. But Pattaya seemed to have a lot to it. Sure it has its naughty side, but it seems to be making a real effort to appeal to families too.

I think there would be many opportunities to teach English here, should you desire too. The city is booming, and the people have a reason to learn English. Many Thais of course work in the tourist industry in Pattaya, so there is a need for English teachers.

The Thais of Pattaya seem to be a happier group than some of the towns we had been to. Maybe they are better paid. It seems to be a more well off city than many in Thailand. Plus Pattaya is near to so many beautiful places like Koh Samet, Koh Mak, Angkor Wat, Koh Kood and even Koh Chang. Plus if you need to go, Bangkok is just 90 minutes away by taxi.

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