Waseda University 5 Year Limit

by Union of University Part-time Lectureres
(Tokyo, Japan)

Waseda University 5 Year Limit Emergency Meeting

Saturday, July 27th Emergency Meeting for Waseda Part-time Lecturers (Waseda University)

Waseda is planning to fire all of you within five years!

Cut the number of classes down for you starting in 2014 and make you accept a half-year colling
off period.

Find out more at the Meeting of the Union of University Part-time Lecturers in Tokyo

July 27 (Sat) 3-5PM
Waseda Hoshien Seminar House Room 100

Waseda Hoshien is near Toyama Campus/Nishi-Waseda Bus Stop
Tel 03-3205-5411
2-3-1 Nishiwaseda, Shijuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8616

More Information

Email: daigaku_hijoukin at yahoo.co.jp

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