We are Doomed, unless we Change

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

I honestly believe that humanity is on the path to extinction. I`m reading the novel "Dust," and it is about how mass extinctions have occurred throughout the history of our planet. While humanity has many admirable qualities, there are many of which I don`t admire. I feel we will, like the dinosaurs, be relegated to the dust bin of history. Why?

We don`t seem to learn the most important lessons. That the planet is the most important thing. Not money, Were we to pass on today. The world would go on. But were we to lose the ants, the bees, the bats, the cockroaches - those would truly matter to the planet. Notice I didn`t mention the mosquitoes. No while the world debates the Ukraine, and Gaza ad nauseum, posts photos of the lunch they ate, we are quietly going extinct.

Some scientists, are now saying that by 2023 we are doomed to routime, horrific natural disasters as the CO2 levels will be totally out of control. I talk to young people about the possibility of solar bricks, using them to build roads and sidewalks, and notice as they drift away in boredom. Apathy. I don`t worry for myself. I will be dead and buried before long (in relative terms). I worry for the young people, my kids and my grandkids. We repeatedly elect leaders who pledge change, and we are satisfied with minimal changes, while failing to recognize that they really work for the establishment that continues to prop up this mess. I still hold out hope. But I just don`t see much promise.

George Carlin talked about this a lot before he passed on. How no one really cares, and how the world went on the wrong path ages ago. Noam Chomsky has talked of how we are all brainwashed by NFL football, and other events. Distracted from the reality of how the world works. There are some things you cannot prove, but when you hear them, you just know them to be true. I respect the Dalai Lama and most of what he says. He talks about respecting nature very much. What he doesn`t say, is that if you don`t, she will bite you on the ass.

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