What do you think of Japan's English Teaching System in public svhools?

by Angeline Joyce Batimnala

Teaching in Japanese public schools . Most service industries that are now offering their services in Japanese public schools are still at loss and there is a huge GAP....yet to mended.....they turn to blame the Japanese English Teaching System...( B.O.E ) but after my 5years of working with some research team... it was easy to see the gap of communication line...these private teaching operators are so far way behind and have yet to learn more about the main concept of hiring ALTs to assist the HRTs JETs. They doing a good job ,but they fail to meet the "NEEDS" of the public schools. I hope you have an idea why this private operators don't wake up to the main concept of their calling .

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May 24, 2014
Thanks NEW
by: AngelineAnonymous

Thank you for allowing me to share this page with my friends Ms.Ikumi



May 18, 2014
The City should Hire the Teachers NEW
by: Kevin Burns

I think hiring ALTs from agencies is the problem.

I feel the cities should hire native English teachers, and the students should have a class or two per week with the native teacher, or a non-native like a Filippina, and one or two days a week with a Japanese teacher.

The ALTs tend not to be treated well. They are not respected by the Japanese staff, and teachers.
So they do not stay long.

Why not hire a non-Japanese, and treat them well?

The cities don`t want to, because they save money by using an agency like Interac. But you get what you pay for.

Some of the ALTs are great. But some are not.

If the cities take hiring into their own hands, as they do with their Japanese staff, they can hire better teachers, give them benefits, and have them stay and teach long-term.

Then the English teaching program in that town will be better I feel.

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