Where to buy Lego in Asia

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Where to buy Lego in Asia

Lego in Japan:

Lego is quite popular in Japan. You can find it sold at the Toys are Us stores here, at some department stores such as Jusco, Tokyu Hands and at smaller toy stores here. The outlet malls in Japan often have a Lego shop ie) the Gotemba Outlet Mall in Gotemba, Shizuoka.

If you use a service like My US, or Madi`s Remailing they can send Lego from the Official Lego Shop in the USA. Madi`s Remailing Service

You can Visit the Lego Shop

In Japan! At the Gotemba Outlet Mall is in Shizuoka Prefecture,they have the Lego Shop! I go whenever I can. It is fun to browse and they often have rare Lego sets you can`t find easily elsewhere.

Learn more about them at Gotemba`s Premium Outlet Mall.

Clickbrick Stores

Are located throughout Japan!

One is located in picturesque Enoshima (near Enoden Station).

Lego Clickbrick Store in Odaiba

Is located in Odaiba, (Tokyo) Near Tokyo-teleport Train station
Address: Venus Fort Second Floor.

1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Telephone 03-3570-5076

Business Hours 11am-9pm

"This whimsical store captures what it is to love legos throughout ones whole life. They have everything from lego sets for little girls, from designer lego shirts to small Harry Potter lego keychains. Out front is a heart shaped lego structure, perfect for taking obnoxious touristy pictures."

Find all the Clickbrick shops in Japan

Brickstore in Japan

Is one of Japan`s favorite online shops and has a huge assortment of lego you can order online. Their website is in Japanese. But you can translate it with Babelfish or another free program. Order Lego from them in Japan.

Lego Store - Lego`s Head Office in Japan

LEGO Japan Ltd.

22-8, 2-Chome, Yanagibashi,


J-Tokyo 111-8675


Tel +81 3 3863 0505

Fax +81 3 3865 1769

LEGO Dacta

Tel +81 3 3863 8497

Fax +81 3 3863 13511

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