Will it be difficult to get a job for teachers who are not native speakers?

by May

I am one of English language teachers who is working in my native country which is situated in south east asia. I have been working here as an English language teacher for about 10 years. I have already got some certificates concerned with Teaching English as a second language teacher. However, what I want to know is: is it possible for teachers like me to get a job as an English language teacher at Japan for elementary levels?

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Sep 11, 2015
Nice post NEW
by: Charles

In my viewpoint, educators of ANY lingo should ALWAYS be neighborhood speakers. Notwithstanding how incredible your English may be, you don't understand each one of the nuances that an educated nearby speaker would know I need homework help

Sep 02, 2015
speakers NEW
by: Anonymous

In my perspective, instructors of ANY dialect ought to ALWAYS be local speakers. Regardless of how great your English may be, you don’t comprehend every one of the subtleties that an informed local speaker would know. assignment help .For instance, word request. A local speaker would say, "Ought to ESL educators in English-talking nations NECESSARILY BE local speakers?" Students have a privilege to hear and read right English from the earliest starting point.

May 05, 2011
English teaching jobs for non-natives
by: Kevin R. Burns

Teach in Japan?

I think it is very difficult but not impossible.
Many people from the Philippines are teaching English. Then again they are regarded as being
very good at English, and cheaper to hire than
native speaking employees.

Burma is not famous for producing good English speakers, whereas Singapore and the Philippines are (at least to Japanese).

Being from Burma it is probably more difficult.
But if you can show with TOEIC, TOEFL or other
test scores that your English is top notch, you too may be able to get hired.

I think you will need to be in Japan to be interviewed though, to show that you really are a good English speaker. You might be able to get
hired by Interac or another agency that sends teachers to elementary schools.

Again, to be hired directly by an elementary school I think will be very difficult for you unless you come and can show evidence that your English is great. Moreover, there are many Japanese now teaching English at elementary schools, so getting hired has become much more difficult.

You may need to come as a student at a university first, then try to get hired by a school once here.

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