Willing Workers on Organic Farms Japan

by wwoofjapan

WWOOF Japan (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) for an experience that may turn out to be even more fulfilling than camping. The website (in English and Japanese) is at www.wwoofjapan.com

An exchange between friends; Hosts and WWOOFers.

Hosts give WWOOFers accommodation and all meals in return for the WWOOFer assisting the Host. Hosts also give WWOOFers various knowledge and skills as result living and helping them, Japanese culture & Japanese language, introduction to the beauty of the local area, and other resources most of which are outlined in the Hosts' Preview. There is no payment of money between Host and WWOOFer. WWOOFers need to pay just the yearly WWOOF membership fee, 5,500 yen. WWOOFing starts from sending an online application form.

Visit the website (link above) to learn more!

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