Women of Japan

by How to teach English in Japan
(Odawara, Kanagawa)

Women of Japan - Hiroko Ito

Ito is a resident of Odawara, Kanagawa.

Hiroko is married and I first came to know her when my nose was runny! You see Hiroko is a pharmacist. I used to go to a doctor in Odawara and I got my medicine from Hiroko at the pharmacy.

Then she became good friends with a teacher (and friend) of mine Chris Weber, and I got to know Hiroko then.

What should non-Japanese see in Japan?

I recommend people see Mt Fuji in Shizuoka, and Hakone in Kanagawa. I like Daiyuzan temple (in Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa) and Meiji shrine in Tokyo

And they should go to Asakusa. There are many mom and pop shops there. You can find unique souvenirs at these shops.

(More and more the women in Japan are from other countries. Japan is very quietly becoming more multicultural. (Pictured) one of the Eastern European women of Japan. There are now quite a few marriages between Japanese men and Eastern European women. As well many of those marriages result in children, of mixed race, so the color of Japan, and the definition of who is Japanese is changing.)

What are some symbols of Japan?

For me Japan means:

Japanese sake, Tyuhai (chuhai) a sweet alcoholic drink like a spritzer or cooler in North America , Plum wine too.

Other symbols of Japan:

Sumo wrestling , a cherry blossom, castles, temples,and shrines.Izakaya, sushi, and sukiyaki. All of these mean Japan to me.

How do we feel at home in Japan?

My advice is please find a Japanese friend who can speaks English. And try to learn Japanese.

It is very difficult for foreigners to understand the Japanese system of doing things so, they have trouble at city hall, hospitals , banks , post offices etc.

Before going to these places, have some prior knowledge.

Non-Japanese can adjust faster to Japanese life by watching Japanese TV programs. By watching the same programs, they can talk about current topics with Japanese.

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