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by SunShine McWane
(Fukuoka Shi, Fukuoka)

I worked for Peppys for 2 weeks, just the training. I was a substitute teacher in Hawaii. They train you for 2 weeks before they have you in front of a classroom. Not Peppys. Peppys throws you in a class before you're even trained. Then if something comes up that you haven't been trained on (which of course it will because you haven't been trained really yet) the staff blames you. It was just so bad. I mean you try to be nice but man dealing with people that blame you for their incompetence, its just well very humbling I guess.

I have so many perfect examples. My first day in front of a class (I had only been in training 4 days) The class I'm teaching for, the guy says he's from Guam (I can't remember his name but he was horrible). So I asked him, "well I was told to fill out the lesson plan and report and I've been looking for the book but I can't find it. Where is it?" His answer, "oh we don't keep up with it". I said, " well I was told I really need to fill it out. Could you tell me where it is, please" He said, "no we don't worry about it" I said "well I really have to fill it out could you tell me where was it last?" this guy straight up REFUSED to let me have the book. Then when I got back to MY class Mike Dilloway (my main trainer) blamed me for not filling it out! I explained myself properly, "this guy REFUSED to let me have or even see the book and I looked for it myself". Mike Dilloway said, "that's not an excuse". So he blamed me for his front line trainer/teacher being horrible. Same teacher (the Guam guy) said, "so do you have any questions" and I said, "yeah what games do you think are good to play with your particular students?" He said, "oh I'm not gonna tell you that". Then why did he ask if he refuses to answer? Basically all of my front line trainers were like that. They were just irritated that I even showed up at their class.

The 2nd one, Asia, a Korean American girl. She asked me what games did I decide I was going to use (by this time I had been told about a few games) so I told her some of the games Mike Dilloway had told me. Every single game she said, "that's not a game. Yeah OK, that's not a game either. Nope that's not a game" so if none of them are games then why did Mike Dilloway tell them to me? He was purposely trying to sabotage me? She would not let me teach the class then complained I wasn't prepared for it.(how would she know I wasn't prepared for it if she would not let me teach it?). Either way after class, she assured me I was gonna do just fine and I was going to be fine but then wrote a scathing review about me.

The third teacher was a British girl. She specifically told me the kids couldn't play with these HUGE throw dice cause the kids were too genki and they would throw it at people. Well after class the kids got started throwing it around and I said sorry guys you're not supposed to play with this when they threw it at my head. The British girl teacher looked at me very upset and said, "no its OK after class" I said OK but dont throw it at anybody's head and she told them to listen to me, just don't throw it at anybody's head. Well it was OK for awhile but then they threw it at another girl's head and I said OK guys sorry, no we gotta start the next lesson anyways. That apparently upset her that I kinda caught her being a hypocrite and she wrote a scathing review too.

The really horrible thing about the whole training tho' was that you're supposed to get trained in the day, then go teach at night, they send you out to these places in the middle of nowhere in a FOREIGN country and they assure you its OK you don't have to know Japanese to work for their company but if you don't understand a sign or anything because its in Japanese Mike Dilloway gets upset with you? You're only really alloud to sleep maybe 4 or 5 hours every night because their class/training in the morning and they want you to teach their classes at night. Then at the end you are supposed to take a final exam but they don't give you any time to study because every bit of free time you have goes into planning the lesson plans. It was just a horrible horrible experience. They blame you for them being really bad trainers. I taught for a different English school after that, it was so much better.

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Jan 21, 2017
Peppy Kids Training NEW
by: Anonymous

Having the same experience. What English school did you go to after that and how did you get hired? Please respond to

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