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Books about working and living in Japan

Here are some must read books and magazines about working and living in Japan

Successful business woman Caroline Pover, knows all about working in Japan. She wrote a book for women entitled: "Being a Broad in Japan: Everything a Western Woman needs to survive and thrive" (2001)

(Photo: an English class at an elementary school in Japan)

This book covers everything you can imagine about living and working in Japan. Not only a good book for women, but a great book for men living here too. Of value are the lists of resources including addresses and phone numbers of doctors and other necessary contacts in Japan.

M. Enman Maruyama, L. Picon Shimizu, and N. Smith Tsurumaki, Japan Health Handbook

Covers your concerns about the health of you and your loved ones in Japan. Includes contact numbers and addresses of doctors, and hospitals some of which understand English.

Hi! My Name is Loco, and I am a Racist, Baye McNeil

A look at life in Japan as a "gaijin," an African American, and a discussion of racism in general. McNeil feels that racism has been a dirty word for too long and that many of us are closet racists. But from knowledge comes power, and we all need to face the big R, learn from our own racist tendencies and come out better in the end. Highly recommended for Non-Japanese and Japanese alike. I really hope Japanese read this book as well. It deserves a large readership.

McNeil tells us:

"...while racism continues to be demonized as a dark aberration that only `evil people,` ignorant fools, or people lacking compassion and common decency are subject to, then it will remain at large - hiding in plain sight, in our schools, offices, carpools, living rooms and sometimes in the mirror."

(from the back cover)

David L. McConnell, Importing Diversity: Inside Japan's JET Program (2000)

A comprehensive take on the JET program.

Bruce Feiler, Learning to Bow: An American Teacher in a Japanese School (1991), later published as Learning to Bow: Inside the Heart of Japan

It is an interesting book. It gives you one man`s personal account of working within a Japanese school.

Benjamin Hesse, Memoirs of a Gaijin (2007)

Louise Southerden, Japan a working holiday guide

The working holiday visa is the best visa to come to Japan on if your country offers it. This guide, much like our site, covers everything you need to know about living and working in Japan.

Japan Times, Your Life in Tokyo Volumes 1 & 2

Is a bilingual book in English and Japanese. It covers everything you are likely to need in you choose to live in Tokyo and environs.

Susan Griffith, Teaching English Abroad

Covers not only Japan but many countries. Good for a broad view of teaching abroad. Not as in depth about teaching in Japan as some other titles.

Magazines about working and living in Japan

Japan Living

Is our very own magazine about living and pursuing your career in Japan. There is a ton of information about how to live successfully here, things you will not read elsewhere.

"The Language Teacher" can help you with Working in Japan

This great journal on teaching is published by JALT an association you should join if you plan to teach in Japan. It has many articles each issue about teaching English.

JALT Journal

Published by JALT as the name would suggest. Full of articles about teaching. Get it if you are a serious teacher.

Metropolis Magazine

Claims to be Japan`s No. 1 English magazine. It started as Tokyo classifieds and it is still full of many classified ads as well as articles about what is happening in Tokyo, and articles about other aspects of Japan including the latest video games or electronic gadgets. Free.

Japan Zine Magazine

Covers what`s going on in Nagoya, Kansai and Tokyo It has jobs and classifieds too. Plus it is free.

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Canadian Residents Abroad

CRA Magazine is an E-magazine covering issues pertinent to Canucks living overseas. It is free and well worth the


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